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Hemet and Temecula Sedation Dentistry

For patients who suffer from dental anxieties, regular care can represent an insurmountable barrier in achieving the ideal smile. Dr. Carr is committed to ensuring that all patients, even those with dental anxieties, can receive the necessary care to achieve functional and aesthetic smiles. Oral conscious and deep conscious sedation options at the practices of Dr. Carr allow our team to treat patients who are nervous about seeing the dentist, allowing them to relax during the course of their dental appointment. 

Oral Conscious Sedation

Many patients find themselves nervous before even entering our dental office. In these cases, we provide you with the option of oral sedation. Oral sedation is administered as a pill, usually an hour before your scheduled appointment time. While able to breathe and function without too many additional considerations, patients opting for oral sedation will need to make transportation arrangements, as they will not be able to operate motor vehicles.

Oral sedation allows patients to relax during their appointment, eliciting a type of calming effect. This sedation will allow you to be semi-conscious during your appointment, and often has an amnesiac effect, allowing patients who are anxious to receive the benefits of treatment, without having to remember it.

Deep Conscious Sedation

Dr. Carr also offers intravenous (IV), or twilight, sedation for patients in need of more comprehensive treatments. While not necessary for less invasive treatments, twilight sedation provides patients with a pain-free way to undergo more extensive treatment. Backed by the additional certifications to safely administer this form of sedation, our practices regularly use this treatment when placing dental implants.

This option produces an analgesic effect, numbing patients to potential pain that otherwise might increase anxieties over visiting the dentist. Stronger than oral sedation, this option also produces an amnesiac effect, allowing you to undergo comprehensive dental care without needing to worry about uncomfortable memories.

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Dr. Carr and our team are committed to providing patients with relaxing and rewarding dental experiences. We provide sedation dentistry for patients throughout Riverside County from our conveniently located Hemet and Temecula offices. Contact us today to schedule your sedation consultation.

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