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Have you considered dentures but worry that they will look fake or be uncomfortable to wear?

Dentures in the past did indeed leave a lot to be desired, but much has changed in recent years. The beauty of full dentures designed by Dr. Byron L. Carr is that they don’t look like dentures—they look like real teeth! 

Full and Partial Dentures: Which Is Right for You?

Man and woman smiling at one another with pink flowers foregroundWhen one of our patients is missing all their upper teeth, lower teeth, or both, we recommend full, removable dentures.

Partial dentures are designed to fill gaps in your smile left by missing teeth, and they are anchored in place with clips attached to adjacent teeth.

Modern Dentures Look More Like Real Teeth

Modern dentures are more comfortable than ever before, and using a combination of experience, science, and artistry, Dr. Byron L. Carr creates form-fitting, comfortable, realistic-looking dentures. 

Taking what we have learned from cosmetic dentistry and applying it to denture design, we can fabricate dentures that mimic an attractive smile without looking fake or unnatural.

Planning the Look and Fit of Your Full Dentures

The first step is for Dr. Carr to take precise impressions of your mouth and jaw, which ensures that your dentures closely conform to the contours of your gums.

Working together, you and Dr. Carr will focus on your overall facial appearance and coloring to select the tooth size, shape, and shade to complement it. Before we place your final dentures in your mouth, we will make any adjustments necessary to ensure that they fit comfortably and function well when chewing and speaking.

Partial Dentures

We recommend partial dentures for patients with one or more missing teeth, but who still have some remaining teeth. Partials fill in the spaces left by missing teeth and are fastened to remaining teeth.

With the same attention and precision used for full dentures, your partials will match the shade of existing teeth and blend in beautifully with your smile. 

The benefits of partial dentures are that they help prevent neighboring teeth from shifting out of place. Having partials that complete your smile also allows you to enjoy meals comfortably again because you can use both sides of your mouth when you chew. 

Of course, the greatest and most noticeable benefit is the positive impact that a complete smile has on your self-confidence.

Benefits of Full and Partial Dentures

parital and complete dentures in Hemet CADentures restore your ability to chew comfortably, speak clearly, help maintain a balanced bite, and improve your facial appearance. When teeth have been missing for some time, facial muscles actually begin to sag and create a hollow or sunken appearance. Dentures fill out those facial features and restore a full, youthful facial shape.

But the greatest benefit our patients report is the confidence that comes from wearing full dentures and getting a smile they are proud to share.

Implant-Retained Dentures

If you would like to ensure that your dentures remain stable and won’t slip and shift out of place, implant-retained dentures may be the best option for you. This type of denture snaps onto dental implants placed in your jawbone so that they stay securely in place. 

Schedule a Dentures Appointment to Get Started

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